Big Data

Big Data Services

We provide data-analytics about conversations that are occurring, and about marketing channels that include:

  • Google-web
  • YouTube
  • Social-media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit
  • Blogs
  • Emails-apps
  • Text messaging data
  • Polling data
  • Voter-data-files(VAN) and applications
  • Survey data
  • Web data captures

We also help you configure and deploy marketing automation tools by addressing: 

  • Data infrastructure connecting Vote Builder to other databases
  • Data standards
  • Targeting
  • Reporting using tools such as Google Analytics
  • Testing

Our services also include:

  • Running Design of Experiments (DOEs) and A/B testing.
  • Collecting and analyzing ethnographic and user-experience data from focus-groups.
  • Running usability-testing methods and surveys on campaign messaging and experiences.
  • Designing, deploying and interpreting social-listening data provided by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) partners.
  • Gathering intelligence about specific targeted groups for mobilization.

Got Data!


Now What?

How are you managing and mining your voter or constituent data, polling data, donor data, activities data, digital data, small data, big data? 

Are you fully utilizing the campaign intelligence information extracted from your data? 

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