Rini Das

Managing Principal and CEO

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Rini Das has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant and serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding DemsWin., Inc. in 2017, Rini founded three other companies:

  • In 2003, she founded RD Management Consulting, Inc., which helped Fortune 500 companies and other clients make and sustain breakthrough process improvements.
  • In 2005, she co-founded Pentacle Partners LLC to provide marketing services to individual management  consultants. 
  • In 2008, she co-founded PAKRA LLC, which provided gamification and human-capital management software to large and small companies around the world.

A thought-leader in gamification, behavior analytics, strategy, Big Data and operational excellence, Rini has authored numerous articles and presented at countless conferences. She taught undergraduates, MBAs, executive MBAs, and master’s students at the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota, Fisher College of Business (The Ohio State University), and Mendoza College of Business (University of Notre Dame). She trained more than 3,000 Lean and Six Sigma professionals and helped them achieve high ROI on more than 5000 projects.

Rini received a B.S. in Mathematics from St. Xavier’s College (Calcutta, India), an M.A. in Economics from the SUNY Stony Brook, and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences from the University of Iowa.

Noteworthy campaign experience:  Rini grew up in a politically active family where elections were greeted with as much excitement as winning the World Cup Futbol finals. Fast-forwarding to late 2008 when, as we all recall, the U.S. faced a financial crisis and a presidential campaign was underway, Rini and her team were getting ready to launch the first products for her new start-up, PAKRA Games.

We the decided
As a means of learning how to leverage Google Analytics—and to indulge her love of all things political—they deployed a game called "We The Decided" in which a donkey and an elephant advanced toward the White House in response to the game player’s choices on a series of policy issues. The game had nothing to do with PAKRA’s mission, but the team practiced using Google Analytics to determine which messages and social media channels drove traffic to the game.

Over 8,000 individuals played the game and, interestingly, the game’s state-by-state “returns” predicted the 2008 presidential election outcome more accurately than did the polls. This accidental, virtual campaign experience exemplifies Rini’s outside-the-box thinking.

Why Rini founded DemsWin:

“In 2016, while volunteering for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Ted Strickland’s senatorial campaign and other races in Ohio, I was discouraged to discover data deficiencies, process breakdowns, and messaging disconnects.  Problems included a failure to conduct voter-listening prior to crafting messages to ensure the messages resonated with voters; a failure to connect data across campaigns; and a lack of social media amplification for down-ticket races. I learned that the same shortcomings exist for many Progressive groups and legislative caucuses as well (and Hillary Clinton spoke about many of these gaps when she was interviewed by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg of Recode Conference on May 31, 2017).  We can do better, and we must do better to win. I formed DemsWin to help make it happen.”