Engagement Strategy Consulting

Engagement Strategy Consulting Services

We provide strategies that cover the why/how/what/when/where of engaging voters and constituents. We provide this service to campaigns of any size.  We develop your campaign plan for voter/constituent outreach by addressing one or more of the following:

  1. How to connect the dots Ensure that activities and goals associated with ground-organizing and digital-organizing are connected.
  2. How to amplify the message using DemsWin-proprietary methods Define precinct-level tactics for digital nurturing of targeted voters. Segment targeted voters by type (activists, surrogates, etc.) as discussed on the Voter Engagement page.  Identify, nurture, and digitally mobilize each voter segment.
  3. How to leverage what voters are saying Conduct focus groups to extract the words that voters hear. These words will be used for your messaging.
  4. What is the messaging strategy Conduct branding exercises to develop a messaging strategy that includes “words,” voter personas, donor personas, a style-guide, and campaign asks. Provide a precinct-level outreach plan that includes message types, channels, metrics, and frequency.
  5. What are the risks and how to address those risks: Conduct failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) to identify preventable risks and a mitigation strategy.
  6. What is the digital strategy Create a plan that includes channel-specific amplification tactics, ad placement frequencies for paid media, analytics (metrics and reports), associated content farms, and earned-media. Provide digital training.
  7. How to use games and gamification mechanisms to engage voters and beat polls  Design user-experiences that engage voters. Collect data from those experiences to predict better than the polls.
  8. What is the playbook Create and develop game-theoretic strategies for managing the opposition’s plays.
  9. How to find targeted voters and automate their voter-registration Identify sources of non-registered, targeted voters. Devise automated processes for registering these voters, and find solution-providers who can work with state officials to implement these processes. (Voter-registration projects will be based on availability of grants.)

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